15 Vegetables to Plant in Fall

Summer is over and we harvested all the vegetables that we planted in spring. The weather is cooling down and rain season has begun. Instead of waiting for spring to plant new crops, we can plant cool season vegetables that will grow in fall. We can plant them from seeds or pug plants that we grew in our green house. Today we will show you which plants you can grow by planting them now in September.

  1. Beetroot

2. Dwarf French Beans

3. Kale

4. Brussels Sprouts

5. Broccoli

6. Fall Planted Cabbage

7. Collards

8. Kohlrabi

9. Chard

10. Arugula/Rocket

11. Winter Lettuce

12. Leeks

13. Green Onions

14. Celeriac

15. Turnip

I don’t know about you but i always get sad when fall comes and if nothing grows in my garden. I spent most of my time in my garden so by planting these fall vegetables i extend my growing season. I you are like me than start planting. Let us know in the comments what do you like to grow in fall. Happy gardening.

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